mail2web無料Active Syncサービス終了のお知らせ。

踏んだり蹴ったりとはこのことか。mail2webの無料サービスではActive Syncが使えなくなりました。意味あるかー

Why are you discontinuing FREE ActiveSync?

Our free mail2web LIVE service with ActiveSync based on Microsoft Exchange 2003 was a very popular service, and we’re glad that we were able to provide this for so many years. We have done our best to maintain the service and the platform for as long as possible. However we remain committed to offering the latest and greatest services to our customers, and in order to do that the best way is to upgrade our platform to Microsoft Exchange 2007. And unfortunately due to some licensing changes that come along with Microsoft Exchange 2007, we’re no longer able to provide ActiveSync for free.